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This site is designed to teach about psychological processes in a rich experiential setting. But we don’t want to be dull and boring along the way. Cheesy? Sure! Silly? No doubt! Stuffy? Never!!! Asking ridiculous rhetorical questions? Guess I’ll plead no contest there!

At this site, you can learn some amazing things about how the mind works. For a quick sample, try:

That shows your eye doesn't see as much as you think!
The Shepard Tones
You know that Esher staircase that always seems to be going up? Now you can hear tones that do the same thing!

Along your journey, you will likely encounter The Bad Guys™, one of the nastiest groups of scoundrels ever to plague the intergalactic space lanes. But take heart! Not only do you have the benefit of your courage and strength, you also come armed with one of the most powerful weapons known in the Three Galaxies: The human mind.

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