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The Bad Guys™ is the largest criminal organization in the Three Galaxies. Their robberies are legend: stealing the Royal Jewels from the Empire of Ardenia, heisting the Great Diamonds of Diazma, and their most famous caper: Stealing the entire gold horde of Tranta. In broad daylight. Right in the middle of the Great Gathering. With a couple million witnesses

In spite of their size and wealth, the organization is shrouded in secrecy. Every agent who has been sent to infiltrate the organization ends up suddenly and mysteriously dead. No one has ever betrayed the organization, though a few who have tried ended up ... suddenly dead.

We know that the organization is headed by a being called The Supreme Evil Leader. But the identity of the Supreme Leader is one of the best kept secrets of The Bad Guys™. Agent Smith, one of the best agents ever to attempt infiltration, transmitted the following information:

"I have learned the identity of the Supreme Evil Leader. It's nothing like we thought. The Supreme Evil Leader is ..."

At that moment, the transmission ends. Suddenly. We located Agent Smith's spaceship, adrift in space. It was apparently pierced by a small asteroid, killing Smith instantly. No record of Smith's findings was found on board the spaceship, which of course was no where near any asteroid belt at the time Smith was killed.

From Smith's final words, some have come to the conclusion that the Supreme Evil Leader is not from a race known to the Three Galaxies, such as a hive mind or an etherial corpora. Others believe the Supreme Evil Leader is an artificial entity: a rogue android or a virus-like artificial intelligence. But a few believe that Agent Smith's final transmission was a forgery, created by the Bad Guys™ themselves, to draw suspicion away from one of the prime suspects. For the moment, even the galaxy's finest minds have been stymied, so we will probably have to wait for further developments to learn the Supreme Evil Leader's true identity.

We did find some important records in a hidden cache abord Agent Smith's ship. These records include some recruiting materials that you may wish to examine for further information about this secret, powerful, and nasty group.

From the 215th Edition