Why doesn’t everything work on my browser?
Don’t blame ME! I’m just a hyper-intelligent robot with an IQ of several quintillion. But the people who make different browsers don’t always listen to what I have to say: “Standards, standards, STANDARDS!” I suppose it is difficult for an ordinary programming team to make their browsers compatible with inter-Galactic standards, even though it would only take a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of 1% of my mental capacity to do the job. The ePsych developers team have worked hard to make the site compatible with as many browsers as possible, but it’s hard to be cutting edge when people hand you a stone knife.

Why don’t the “Resume” or “Restore” buttons work correctly?
Four possible reasons. First, you may have a browser that lacks support for JavaScript. This is an unlikely possibility. More probable is that you have disabled JavaScript from functioning. JavaScript is a very helpful technology that can make web pages better behaved, but it’s your choice. Next, you may have cookies disabled either permanently or for the ePsych site. The only way to remember where you are in ePsych is to store a cookie on your browser. ePsych does not store or inspect these cookies — they are just used internally on your own machine: It is safe to enable cookies for the ePsych. Finally, the cookies are stored on an individual machine. If you access ePsych from a different machine at a later time, it won’t have the proper cookies stored.

Why does Java only work some of the time?
Recently Microsoft and Sun Microsystems fought over Java, a computer language that Sun developed where the same code can be used in different operating systems. The two companies were not able to come to a resolution of their differences that would allow everyone to enjoy the advantages of Java in their favorite browser. I am not surprised. As a result, Microsoft is no longer supporting the latest version of Java in its browser or within the Windows operating system. Instead Microsoft is distributing an obsolete version of Java within Internet Explorer. This version lacks important features that were needed on occasion in ePsych. Many people have found the Mozilla browser Firefox to be a good substitute for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Firefox is a free browser that is fast, versatile, and reduces the problems that people have with computer viruses. Firefox is available from Mozilla. Firefox includes a current version of Java that can properly run all of our applets. Another solution is to download a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows it to display current-generation applets. More help on downloading the plugin can be found on the Java Tester page. Our own Java Help Page can help you to determine if you need this download or whether your browser is compatible with ePsych.

Why don’t you just use FLASH instead of Java?
Flash is a terrific web technology developed by Macromedia. But Flash is not an arbitrary programming language. There is simply no way to implement the broad variety of simulations and experiments we offer on ePsych by using Flash.

What information does ePsych keep about visitors?
Nothing. I know more about you already than I really want to. ePsych tracks the hit rates to pages, but does not track individual usage data.

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