Viki Clip Index

Learning Viki’s learning was influenced by various aspects of her life. She often learned skills through play and imitation, but reinforcement and motivation also had a great effect on her performance of tasks. Clips accessible from this page include Viki opening various types of containers, imitating her human friends’ actions, and filing her fingernails.

Mechanical Abilities Throughout her life, Viki’s mechanical abilites improved with practice, just as a child’s would. She often watched her caretakers perform tasks and picked up on them, and their purposes, quickly. These clips show Viki performing tasks such as using tools, digging tunnels, dressing herself, and smoking ... yes, we said smoking.

Problem Solving One area in which Viki was specifically coached was problem solving. Many of her skills in this area were compared to children around her age. Here, we see clips of Viki solving various problems presented to her and developing solutions to her own problems.

Language and Communication Viki showed vocal response at an early age. In these clips, we see her vocally responding to being tickled and being left alone. She also produces consonant sounds and combines the sounds to form crude words.

Curiosity As with children, Viki’s curiosity also helped her to learn about different things in her home. She was fascinated with the telephone, fire, and water. In these clips, we see Viki taking the phone apart and studying its pieces and playing in a pool and in the bath, among other things.

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